First Aid Application (FAA)


First Aid Application (FAA) is an internal RFS, specialist program aligned with a relevant national unit of competency from the Health Training Package and satisfying the requirements for first aid certification in NSW. It is designed to take a member with Bush Firefighter (BF), Bush Firefighter Support (BFS) or Bush Firefighter Grassland (BFG) certification and train them in first aid knowledge and skills.

Target Group

This program is targeted at members with Bush Firefighter (BF), Bush Firefighter Support (BFS), Bush Firefighter Grassland (BFG) or higher certification, with an interest and aptitude for providing first aid to the injured. The intention is that a sufficient number of FAA qualified members will exist within each brigade to reasonably ensure at least one first aid qualified member is available to each crew.

RFS Entry Requirements

Before commencing training or assessment in FAA, a member must:

  • Be able to understand, speak, read and write the English language sufficiently well to communicate effectively with a casualty, understand instructions in first aid manuals or on first aid equipment or supplies, and record details of casualty condition and treatment given.
  • Be certified as competent in either Basic Firefighter (BF), Bush Firefighter Support (BFS), Bush Firefighter Grassland (BFG) or equivalent Competencies

This unit incorporates the following units of competency:

  • HLTFA301B - Apply first aid HLTCPR201A - Perform CPR
  • HLTFA201A - Provide basic emergency life support

The following unit of competency from the Public Safety Training package is also aligned with this program

  • PUAEME001A - Provide emergency care.

Delivery Details

This program is delivered at the local level. Please contact your Training Officer or your Learning and Development Officer for further information.