Prescribed Burning Supervisor (PBS)


Prescribed Burning Supervisor (PBS) is an internal RFS, specialist program for members who supervise prescribed burns. It is aligned with a national unit of competency. It is designed to take a member with existing Crew Leader (CL) knowledge and skills and enable them to adapt to supervising prescribed burning activities

Target Group

The Prescribed Burning Supervisor (PBS) program is targeted at experienced officers (Deputy Captain and above) with existing certification who have an aptitude and interest in supervising prescribed burns.

RFS Entry Requirements

Before commencing training or assessment in PBS, a member must:

  • Be able to speak, read and write the English language sufficiently well to interpret burn prescriptions, weather forecasts and maps, to obtain required permits and approvals, to complete a burn implementation plan, to adequately brief participants in the burn, to coordinate burn activities, and to monitor conditions and track the use of resources.
  • Have certification - including CLS, or CLW combined with Introduction to the Incident Control System (ICS). Crew Leader Grassland (CLG) may be used as a prerequisite where prescribed burns are confined to open grassland country.

The following unit of competency is aligned with this program

  • PUAFIR407B - Conduct Prescribed Burning Prerequisites • PUAFIR303B Suppress Wildfire (equivalent to RFS CLW certification) is the prerequisite for PUAFIR407B Conduct Prescribed Burning.

In the RFS, having GL or full Crew Leader certification (i.e. including CLS) enables a much simpler assessment process to be used for PBS (i.e. only specified questions are needed, as opposed to undergoing a practical assessment).

Delivery Details

This program is delivered at the local level. Please contact your Training Officer or your Learning and Development Officer for further information.