Merimbula Fire - 2006


These images come from the Merimbula fire which began New Years Day, 2006. It was hot, forty odd degrees, with a hot north westerly wind.

At a campsite at Short Point Caravan Park, a power board was overloaded creating a spark. On any other day the spark would have caused nothing but minor damage, but with a strong wind and the day so hot, the fire quickly burnt across the grass into the coastal scrub.

The fire burnt quickly along the steep shoreline along Middle Beach, burning all in it's path before continuing out along Long Point.

About 1600 hrs, a strong southerly change came through swinging the direction of the flames almost one hundred and eighty degrees and back towards some houses on Cliff St. If it were not for the volunteer and town fire brigades from Merimbula and surrounding districts, the minor damage that occurred to two houses would have been much worse!