Kiddies Say Thanks

Some Tathra residents (7 kiddies and Goldilocks?) came out of hiding today to say thanks to the Tathra Brigade. This was a great response from the young ones and we at the Brigade once again thank the Tathra Community for their continued support and endearing thanks.


Emergency Kit

Emergency agencies

having a kit ready with items that will help you survive and recover from a disaster.

You should keep your kit in a handy location, in a container or bag that’s big enough yo add extra items when you’re responding to a specific disaster.

Some Basic Items To Include

  • Battery - powered, wind-up or solar powered radio
  • Waterproof torch
  • Spare batteries for all devices
  • First Aid kit and Guide Book
  • Toiletries including soap, hand wash gels, alcohol wipes, toilet paper, tissues, toothpaste, and sanitary items.
  • Cash and a phone card
  • Woollen Blankets
  • Candles with waterproof matches or glow sticks
  • Drinking water (consider having 10 litres per person to last three days)
  • Dried and long–life food to last three, include a can opener and utensils
  • Waterproof bags for valuable items and documents
  • Copies of essential documents such as prescriptions and insurance details or a USB stick with scanned copies
  • Your written bushfire, cyclone, flood or emergency survival plan, including contact numbers of family or neighbours
  • Items of protective clothing suitable for likely emergencies in your area such as long sleeved natural fibre shirts for bushfire areas, protective footwear or rubber boots in flood areas.

If you need to relocate, include:

  • Prescription medications
  • Toiletries and a change of clothes
  • Mobile phone changer
  • ATM cards and credit cards
  • Important documents or valuables including passports, will, photos, jewellery, insurance papers or mementoes

Don’t forget people with special needs in your family:

  • Mobility aids
  • Nappies and supplies for infants
  • Encourage children to pack their favourite toy, colouring books, pens and pencils, cards or board games
  • Items to keep your pets comfortable including a leash, basket, travelling cage and a familiar toy


Holbrook Challenge - 2019

The weekend 12th - 13th October saw last years Bega High School Cadets at Holbrook, NSW, once more. Ex Cadets from Angledale, Bemboka, Buckajo, Brogo, Candelo and Jellat Jellat were represented.

A total of 12 teams stepped up to the plate to compete in 13 challenge activities. The teams came from as far as Bowral to participate in this event, hosted and organised by the RFSA Division 13.

The activities were varied and pushed the participants to the limits. They ranged from a simulated motor vehicle accident, directing and resupplying aircraft with water, fire over-run, guiding a reversing fire pumper and transferring water from buoy-wells using portable pumps.

The Bega teams were well prepared - blowing the competition away in the Communications activity. The Marshals were pleasantly surprised at the level of expertise presented by these young people.

At the end of the weekend, the Bega teams were overjoyed when they learned they had won first place in the Communications Challenge, first place in the Aviation Challenge and first place in the Truck Reverse Challenge. Overall, they achieved Second Place. They even surpassed the team that won the State Cadet Championships this year!

It was agreed by the trainers that it will be a long time coming before another team of this caliber steps up. A hearty well-done to all the team members

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2020 - 2029

(Uncited References — Brigade minutes)


January - Members from Tathra Brigade assist in the District wide fires which have continued to burn since December last year.


Long Service Medals

A proud day for Tathra Brigade - 15th September '19.

Superintendent John Cullen (Far South Coast Manager) presented a number of Tathra members with long service medals.

Those honoured were:

David Gallan - 17 years service; Mr Terry Goodwin (Secretary) - 10 years service; Ms Gerry Sheehan (Support) - 12 years service; Deputy Captain Richard Gallimore - 10 years service and Sally Gallimore - 10 years service.

John Cullen commended all the members in his citations. The Brigade have been very fortunate indeed to have these members with us for so long and we hope that they continue to volunteer with us for a long time to come.

Again congratulations to all



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