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Tathra & District Fires 2018

A burst of hot weather saw a late spike in fire weather across parts of NSW in March, with a fire at Tathra destroying numerous homes and properties.
The fire started around lunchtime on Sunday 18 March. Temperatures exceeded 38 degrees with strong winds gusting to over 70kmh, in an area north-west of the Tathra township. These conditions were some of the worst ever experienced in March.
Initially burning in rugged country, the fire jumped the Bega River, showering the village in embers.
The fire destroyed 65 houses and damaged 48, while more than 800 other homes were saved or untouched.




About us

Tathra Volunteer Rural Fire Brigade is just one of the many Brigades that make up the NSW Rural Fire Service. We are a volunteer Brigade operating since 1943 on the Far South Coast of NSW.

Tathra Volunteer Rural Fire Brigade

Bega Road
Tathra, NSW, 2550

0429 858 123