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Bega High School Cadets 2018

Congratulations to the 18 students who graduated from the RFS School Cadet Program on Wednesday, 26th September 2018. The course teaches students much of the basic bushfire skills, both theory and practical and supplies them with life-long skills.



Holbrook Field days

Bega Cadets participated in this event - fielding two teams. The cadets had a lot of fun and all agreed that it was a fantastic learning experience. They came in 4th out of 9 teams. Bloody great result!




About us

Tathra Volunteer Rural Fire Brigade is just one of the many Brigades that make up the NSW Rural Fire Service. We are a volunteer Brigade operating since 1943 on the Far South Coast of NSW.

Tathra Volunteer Rural Fire Brigade

Bega Road
Tathra, NSW, 2550

0429 858 123